English (summary)

Our summary of services:

(update 20.08.2014)

- consultancy in international sales networking and individual coaching

- services in the building materials testing field
( equipment, installation, service, supply )

-wind energy consultany ( foundations, onshore, offshore, geotechnical service )

- Psychosocial help at the moment of living in and / or changing into a nursing home and during rehabilitation phase

- protection of minorities, anti-Mobbing and gender-specific , unspecific daily life appearance, transgender assistance

- special advisorship in private crisis and/or trouble with your job

- translations german/english and viceversa with man tasks of technology, operation manual and tutorials

 - assistance with arranging of transports and liquidation of apartment contents, "flee"-market advisory

Pls send all inquiries and additional questions and remarks to the following email-address


We shall disitribute them to the corresponding departments.